Tropical Fish

NEW……Red Severum, Electric Blue Jack Dempsey, Electric Blue German Ram

Live Rock ..Cured..In Stock   … $5.00 per lb..for saltwater tanks

Live Black Worms (tubifex)  clean, fresh and  Cultured…  $2.00 per ounce.

We use a scale to weigh just the worms not the water. So you are buying just the worms the water is free :0)


Discus, Angelfish, Guppies, Oscars, Pacu, African Cichlids, Betta, Bushynose Pleco’s, Corys, Catfish, Bichers …..just some of the many tropical fish we carry.

Our prices are highly competitive…


We know and care about our tropical fish.

We change water regularly mostly daily. (Discus tanks everyday)
All our fish are healthy and swim with a smile on there face in there own fresh water.
******We do not use a circulating system where all tanks share the same water ******

We feed all of our fish a variety of fresh and live foods.

You will always deal with the owner. Rick is committed to your satisfaction.

Donations excepted, Most Fish, Tanks, Accessories ( and cash to stay in business) :0)

Fin-Tastik…Rather Fantastic Prices compatible with or less then the local competitio

Ask about Special ordering. ($20.00 minimum) 100% deposit

Fish and supplies can be ordered for Wednesday arrival.

FISH TANKS,SUPPLIES, ACCESSORIES,HEATERS, SPONGE FILTERS, AIR COMPRESSORS, STANDS, RACKS – AND EVERYTHING ELSE order before 4:pm Tuesday and reciever your order the next day..Wednesday

[/info] Tropical Fish For Sale and Aquarium Supplies

SALTWATER   – $1.00 per Gallon -

Bring your own container


Donations excepted, Most Fish, Tanks, Accessories ( and cash to stay in business) :0)


Freeze Dried Blackwormsin Stock

Colbalt Discus (Hans) Flake Food …in stock


Discus News and Updates      (pickup only)♦

 ******Discus are Tank Bred here in the Fin-Tastik store,  various sizes available ******


DISCUS HUGE SALE -  Discus Juvies and fry when available

Marlboro Red Discus and Red White Discus cross Fry 3″ plus: …. $39.00 ea

Red Panda Discus/Red Pigeon blood Discus cross fry ..FOR SALE .. quarter to 50 cent size buy the first one for $20.00 the others for $5.00 ea.

Red Panda Discus/Red White Discus cross ..FOR SALE .. quarter to 50 cent size buy the first one for $20.00 the others for $5.00 ea.

$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ SALE CAN END WITHOUT NOTICE $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Guppies, Angelfish, Discus, Blood Red Parrot, Parrot Flowerhorn, African Cichlids, Blue Devil,Arowana, Bala Shark, Black Skirt, German Blue Ram, Albino Cory, Bushynose Pleco, Australian Rainbow, Pearl Gourami, Platy, Silver Dollar, Oscar, Placu, Dwarf Frog, Apple Snail, Beta, Bicher, and more.        

Discus and Angelfish Fry Sale


Angelfish breeder… All our Fresh Water Angelfish are tank bred here in Antioch, California


Fin-Tastik Tropical Fish
210 G Street
Antioch, Ca 94509

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